Great swim shorts that can be worn out of the water 10/10!

March 12, 2020

"These shorts are great. It seems like the trend these days is shorts that can be worn in the water, but I would call these swim shorts that can be worn out of the water.
I bought the Aruba 8.5 and am thrilled; I finally feel good about wearing a bathing suit. The material is a classic, soft and durable swim trunk material. The liner lines the entire suit, but isn't the brief design that irritates your groin or family jewels. A back zip pocket, button, and zip fly make these easy to wear outside the water. The fit is also perfect. Long enough to not look sloppy out of water, and short enough to enjoy the sun and water. The taper is perfect. 10/10 would buy again!"
Spec, Winnipeg MB