" Earlier this summer I went to a beach in Beaconsfield to launch my 50 year old tandem canvas kayak by Folbot. A crew was there on a shoot for boto swimwear.  Their eyes caught the colour and style of my boat and used it in one of the shots featured today on their website. Zoom in to today, Beaconsfield Yacht Club was holding a fund raising event for the Cancer Wellness Centre.  Two items on display for the silent auction (gracieuseté de Boto Swimwear) were the very same swimwear featured in the picture with the kayak.  Even funnier, my wife bid on the two swim shorts and got them for me ! So, I now own an original Boto and plan to try it on next time we paddle our Folbot kayak. It's a complete serendipitous circle. Beautiful, and
incidentally, beautiful clothes! "
 André M Bergeron PhD
 Beaconsfield, Qc